EPG Service Complete solution


Features an EPG or table DVB EIT generation system integrated on its CAS product. The developed system provides a complete solution, as: It is EIT P/F and EIT Schedule generation capable. It is Actual and Other table generation capable. Allows different SI table generation such as NIT, SDT, TDT, TOT. Allows introducing any standard defined descriptor. Multi-language interface. Allows information obtainment from a file or from an incoming EIT. Allows the setting of any input service on any output EIT. Allows editing certain event information fields.

The EIT data sourced can be supplied in three different ways:

EIT Live Capturer

Receives the EIT live through an air-captured DVB stream. It’s transmitted through an IP interface. The EIT server allows to define different input EITs and map data to one or more services on the output EITs. The system can reset and remultiplex the input EITs in order to match the event information with the selected service identifier on the output.

Formatted file input

It’s also possible to insert the EIT table through a formatted file (XMLTV 1.33 compatible). This file will be admitted by the EPG generator, and so it will automatically update all the output related EITs.

EIT Editor

Able to edit the EIT obtained from an external source or from a file formatted as an input. Some of the editable fields are: Event name. Short event description. Long event description. Parental rating. Genre, subgenre… All the system configuration can be done through a Web Server based GUI. This server allows you to configure the following fields: NIT table settings. SDT table settings. Transport definition. Service definition. Input EIT settings. Output EIT settings. Private Flux settings. TDT/TOD table settings.