It’s a last generation Conditional Access System and DRM (Digital Rights Manager) which features the highest possible protection level the existing technology allows, incorporating an advanced security measures set. The system’s main features are:


The highest content security using a totally safe encryption system in all of the CAS involved parts. Depending on the service, the security may or not require the use of the smart card.


The system is ready to protect all the services a global operator can offer (broadcast TV, IPTV, VoD, on the net recordings and local disc recordings) from a single point. The system features courier functions, paternal control, EPG and regionalization.


Exceedingly efficient bandwidth use aimed to the massive rights sending, which allows the operator to reach the maximum scalability on the provision of service. Our solution is perfectly valid for those growing projection clients, and the initial investment is 100% usable.


CAS uses DVB protocols, which allows an easy integration with multiple digital head ends and STB terminals. Provides a simple interface which is easily integrable with the most extended Billing systems on the market. Offers a total flexibility on the right combination and subscription (PPV and PPT) in order to create new pay TV products and promotions, which can be marketed with prepaid and postpaid business models.


Receivers: Designed for a fast implantation on all sort of receivers. Backoffice: Simple integration with the subscriber management system (SMS) because of being based on the webservice interface. DVB head ends: Cumplimento de estándares que permiten su integración inmediata con las cabeceras de TV digital acordes con DVB.


The CAS has a very friendly web interface. It’s so simple to work with this system that from the very first moment even the operators will be able to execute the most complex tasks.