Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising Value added services

PUNTO AZUL is a platform for value added services that provides pay-TV operators and broadcasters the ability to obtain new revenues from interactive television. PUNTO AZUL facilitates, among other options, targeted advertising and interactivity, loyalty programs, custom apps for brands, games, product promotions, direct marketing… PUNTO AZUL platform offers a set of basic services that can be used per se or can be combined according to the needs of the operator in order to create any type of application to be enjoyed on TV. With this new and unique business approach, PUNTO AZUL converts advertising into a new form of entertainment for the end user. Segmentation and high affinity for any commercial impact PUNTO AZUL segments target audience to reach total affinity user - advertiser. Advertising is then transformed into a close and friendly interaction between users and advertisers. Non invasive advertising. Increased interaction with the user. Customized advertising campaigns. By intensive user profile analysis and TV user experience, PUNTO AZUL provide recommendation to Advertisers to hit the right target. Monitoring and campaign tracking The advertiser can monitor at any moment the exact impact of commercial campaigns and promotions. PUNTO AZUL allows rapid adaptation of the campaign to new needs discovered.